Movement Building


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Strategic Objective:

To broaden and strengthen the movement for social and economic justice and reinforce sector specific initiatives at local, national and regional level, by 2020


Sustained movement building is one of the key pillars in the fight for social and economic justice, thus the Movement Building thematic area focuses on harnessing the public voices and collective efforts at local, regional and international level to build a broad based vibrant social movement. To this end dormant sectors will be activated, current membership audited and increase vibrant campaigns for social and economic justice. SEJAs will be a critical component in the building of the movement through the implementation of SEJA led activities which are oriented towards recruitment and increasing the number of SEJAs from the current 400 SEJAs to 1000 SEJAs by 2020. The current networks that include SAPSN and the national movement building initiatives will form part of the strategies to build the movement.

Expected Outcomes

• Active and functional database
• Increase in vibrant Campaigns for social and economic Justice,
• Amplified voices of the affected communities
• Participation of women and youths in issues affecting their livelihoods
• Visible demand driven citizenry and communities participating in the policy formulation platforms.