Our Vision


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Sustainable socio-economic justice in Zimbabwe through a vibrant people based movement.

To take action in redressing the Debt burden, Social and Economic Injustices through formulation and promotion of alternative policies to the neo-liberal agenda


Core Values

In pursuit of its Vision and Mission, ZIMCODD will be guided and uphold the following principles/ core values:

  • Solidarity

    We display unity and camaraderie with organizations and individuals who share our objectives

  • Integrity

    We shall be professional, ethical, honest, fair, reliable, open and answerable in the conduct of our activities

  • Justice

    We believe in moral rightness based on ethics, rationality and law

  • Gender Sensitivity

    We endeavor to provide equal opportunities to both male and female and to guarantee the equal opportunity and justice for women in all sectors

  • Teamwork

    We complement each other in undertaking tasks

  • Participation

    We believe that free participation in decision making promotes ownership and implementation of decisions

  • Activism

    We shall take appropriate action against socio-economic injustices

  • Preference for human development

    Our efforts are directed at improving the lives of human beings